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Gameday Q&A

Everything you need to know on Gameday

Q. Where can I park for games?
A. There is parking located in the Intermodal Garage located next to WesBanco Arena. These parking lots range in cost from $3-5. Further parking is located around downtown.

Q. Will the team be involved in the community?
A. The team will donate tickets or merchandise or make appearances in support of programs, specifically those which benefit children and which enhance the quality of life in Wheeling and throughout the Ohio Valley. The team will also be initiating numerous programs, which use game tickets and merchandise as incentives to stimulate good behavior and achievement by school children.

Q. Who is responsible for day-to-day management of the organization?
A. The Hockey Club of the Ohio Valley, LLC are the owners of the hockey team and will be running the day to day operations of the hockey team both on and off the ice.

Q. Where do the players come from?
 The team management and coaching staff recruit players from across North America and Europe in an effort to provide the best possible team on the ice.

Q. Is this an expansion team or was a team relocated?
 The Winstom-Salem Thunderbirds were relocated to Wheeling following the 1991-92 season. The club began play in Wheeling as the Thunderbirds for the 1992-93 season. The team was renamed to the Nailers in 1996-97.

Q. Who owns the team?
. The Hockey Club of the Ohio Valley, LLC. See the Front Office Section for more information.

Q. What league do the Nailers play in?
 The ECHL, which is the Premier "AA" Hockey League - two levels below the National Hockey League.

Q. How many games do the Nailers play?
 36 at home, 36 away with approximately 30 home games on Friday and Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

Q. How long does the season last?
 Mid-October through the first week of April. With playoffs the season could extend to early-June.

Q. Can I bring my camera?
 Yes, general “snapshot” cameras are allowed in WesBanco Arena. Personal cameras only; no professional photography or video cameras allowed.

Q. What is the Phone Number to purchase concert tickets or tickets to other arena events?
 (304) 233-4470 – WesBanco Arena Box Office

Q. Are there ticket plans other than full season tickets?
 We have a wide variety of Flex Plan Packages available to meet just about any budget and schedule including The Big 6 Pack, 12 Game Pack, and 18 Game Pack. See Flex Plan Packages.

Q. What do season tickets cost?
 Season tickets are available beginning at $456 per seat for 34 games. See Season Ticket Information.

Q. Is there a discount for Children?
 Children and Seniors can get a discounted ticket for all sections. Children must be under the age of 14, and Seniors are 65 and over. See Ticket Information.

Q. Can young children come to the game for free if they sit on a parents’ lap?
 Children age 2 and under can attend for free.

Q. How do I purchase individual tickets?
 You can purchase individual tickets at the Nailers office in downtown Wheeling, by phone at (304) 234-GOAL, the WesBanco Arena Box Office, by phone at (304) 233-4470, or at Prices range from $11 to $24. Note If you purchase 10 or more tickets, you can get a group rate of $14 per ticket! Call the Nailers office at (304) 234-4625.

Q. What are the game times?
 Game times vary depending on the night of the week:
   • Monday-Saturday night games start at 7:05 pm.
   • Sunday games start at 3:05 pm.
   • Annual exceptions are New Year's Eve and Education Day, unless others are noted.

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