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Front Office

Name Position Phone Email
Don Rigby Governor Read Bio
Brian Komorowski Alternate Governor 304-232-7722 kski@redp.org Read Bio
Front Office
Name Position Phone Email
DJ Abisalih Radio Broadcaster & Director of Media/Community Relations 304-234-GOAL(4625) ext. 109 djabisalih@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Matt Allietta Merchandise Manager 304-234-GOAL (4625) mallietta@wheelingnailers.com
Adam Bonenberger Accountant 304-232-7722 adam@redp.org Read Bio
Pat Damp Ticket Sales Account Executive 304-234-GOAL(4625) ext. 107 pdamp@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Chris Hudgins Corporate Sales Account Executive 304-234-GOAL(4625) ext. 106 chudgins@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Rebecca Lewis Ticket Sales Account Executive 304-234-GOAL(4625) ext. 108 rlewis@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Bob Munn General Sales Manager 304-234-GOAL (4625) ext. 119 bmunn@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Matthew Osborne Corporate Ticket Sales 304-234-GOAL (4625) ext. 116 mosborne@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Matt Rosen Season Ticket / Retention Manager 304-234-GOAL(4625) ext. 117 mrosen@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Steve Shaw Video Production Specialist 304-234-GOAL(4625) ext. 110 sshaw@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Brooke Stull Client Services Manager 304-234-GOAL(4625) ext. 104 bstull@wheelingnailers.com Read Bio
Off-ice Officials
Name Position
Roger Kerr Head of Off Ice Officials
Jamie Peklicz Time Keeper
Danielle Lehman Statistician
Chaz Ballard Off Ice Official
Rick Ballard Off Ice Official
Bob Conaway Off Ice Official
Bill Conrad Off Ice Official
Dick Hendershot Off Ice Official
Pat Hendershot Off Ice Official
Lauren Lehman Off Ice Official
Dick Riley Off Ice Official
Allen Robbins Off Ice Official
Bob Shepherd Off Ice Official
Bob Shilling Off Ice Official
Jim Sleime Off Ice Official
Mark Subasic Off Ice Official
Mark Wade Off Ice Official